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Editor's Review

Rise of the Domo features the titular ship and home of the Eternals, two deviants, the leader Kro, with a quadruped, and 6 minifigs: Phastos, Makkari, Druig, Sersi, Thena, and Ikaris. The Domo ship is a really fun build, and an even more fun set piece to display. In ship mode, the hull has an outstanding abstract design, full of circles, arcs, and subtly iridescent domes. It’s an incredibly unique look, like high-tech modern art. But once we stop literally scratching the surface, we can open all the panels and take a look at the richness inside. Once all the panels are open, you can see the little partitioned rooms within, strewn with small earthly knicknacks, weapon storage, and more of that celestial interior design. The floor is covered with decorative discs, free of studs, which somewhat limit posing options. Kro and the wolf-like deviant feature organic-detail, courtesy of both printing and stickers, plus a wealth of articulated points.

Next up we have the In Arishem’s Shadow set, which comes with Arishem the Judge, a flying, bat-like deviant, and 4 minifigs: Ajak, Kingo, Ikaris, and Sersi. The deviant’s wing “feathers” can rotate along the dowel, and its head can move. The main event, obviously, is the massive Arishem. At nearly a foot tall, Arishem towers over the Eternals, and boasts a ton of articulation. He has jointed arms, legs, hands and more. It may as well be a deluxe LEGO action figure! Arishem’s design is extremely pleasant to look at. The brick layering is done very well, giving him an armored look. The look really makes us want LEGO to bring back Bionicle!

Keep a look out for these two sets as well: Eternals Aerial Assault comes with an articulated flying jackal deviant and two minifigs, Sprite and Ikaris. Deviant Ambush includes an awesome looking crustacean-bug hybrid deviant, and three minifigs of Thena, Makkari and the mighty Gilgamesh.

LEGO Marvel The Eternals Building Sets

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Very fun! Both the Rise of Domo and In Arishem’s Shadow sets are incredibly fun builds, and all of the deviants from the entire Eternals line are unique characters unlike any others from prior LEGO sets.

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