LEGO Marvel Infinity Saga Thor’s Hammer Review

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Editor's Review

Thor’s Hammer is 979 pieces and will take you about two to two and a half hours to build. The build is actually a lot of fun! You’ll be working with very big sections, made of multiple smaller pieces. At several points you’ll wonder how this will eventually hold together, only to be pleasantly educated on the engineered solution. The handle is repetitive, but not boring, since it doesn’t take long to make, and is quite satisfying to build. The most difficult part is the base. Lots of gray on gray pieces, but after it’s done, the effect is well worth it.

The Thor’s Hammer LEGO set comes with the aforementioned gray and clear blue base, a placard, a small section of Odin’s Vault with a Thor minifig, and of course, the Mjolnir itself. The hammer is very plain in its presentation, which is a pro or a con depending on who you ask. We like the clean presentation, but at this scale, we also wouldn’t have minded some trim detailing, like on the MCU version. Also, the smooth, glossy bricks look super nice, but the matte tiles aren’t always a welcome sight. They work very well for the business ends of the hammer, but for the sides, uniform gloss would have looked a bit better, in our opinion. You can remove some tiles to store Odin’s Vault inside the hammer head, but good luck getting it back out! The base is topographically interesting, and cradles Mjolnir securely, but just in case, display this piece in a location that won’t get bumped, as it does wiggle slightly. Lastly, the pommel construction is a great detail to admire, but the strap is a little short.

LEGO Marvel Infinity Saga Thor's Hammer

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The build is a lot of fun with its clever engineering, and the final display is head-turning.

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