LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Review

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Editor's Review

This 590 piece set is divided into three phases to make the build more enjoyable, with natural stopping points. Phase one will see you build the base and armature, phase two is for the forearm, and the third and final phase involves building the hand, easily the crown jewel of the set. Aesthetically, this thing is beautiful! The facade has an intricate, layered look, with a mix of bright satin gold and matte sand color on the bricks. Meanwhile, each infinity stone is replicated with transparent bricks of their corresponding color, and the effect is simply gorgeous. The best part is, the hand is poseable! Each finger, including the thumb, is poseable. Any simple hand gesture you can imagine can be adequately replicated. Take care when posing the fingers, as they may pop off if extended past their intended range. Fear not however, as this is a feature to avoid breaking anything! Reattaching the fingers is a non-issue. Its simple and intuitive.

LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet

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Should I get it?

Unwaveringly, yes! It is an enjoyable build, a beautiful set piece, and has articulation, to boot. Fun is inevitable.

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