LEGO Marvel Black Panther Review

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Editor's Review

The LEGO Black Panther Bust is 2,961 pieces and will take you, realistically, a couple days or sittings to complete. It’s a complex build that isn’t meant to be rushed. Thankfully, colorful bricks on the interior structure help make the instructions that much more clear. To achieve the very precise contours and curves of a human torso and head, many c clips and ball joints were used to situate structures at the exact correct angles. This was absolutely the correct move, but do be gentle with these pieces so as to not risk stressing or breakage.

Once complete, the Black Panther Bust is 15 inches wide and 18 inches tall. It’s predominantly gloss black, with pearlescent silver accents, and some clear purple to represent bits of the kinetic absorption lattice throughout the suit. We do wish the clear purple parts popped more, but it’s understandable, considering the prevalence of black throughout. Our favorite aspect of this set is that it leans into the materials. The minute patterned detail of the Black Panther MCU suit is approximated with repeated use of fanned plates and exposed studs. The backs of the hands with the defined metacarpals and knuckles are also a very nice touch. Speaking of, the hands are poseable. The fingers all have 3 articulation points at the knuckles, can move slightly left and right. The thumb has a ball joint at the base and a hinge at the knuckle. Both forearms are attached to the base via ball joints, but they’re heavy, and meant to simply rest at these angles. They can be rotated slightly. You can remove the hands and plaque from the bust to display both separately, if you so choose. Lastly, the claw necklace can be removed and worn, or attached via two studs on either trapezius.

LEGO Marvel Black Panther

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Should I get it?

This is a premium item with a premium price. However, if you’re a serious LEGO collector and a fan of the MCU, and Black Panther in particular, this is a must-have.


  • The scale is imposing in the best way.
  • The detail is intricate.
  • The hands have poseability.
  • The build is fun and challenging.
  • It has different display options.
  • LEGO really emphasized the strengths of the brick medium with this build. It was a great opportunity to do so, and they succeeded.


  • The clear purple pieces are sparse, and what few do exist get lost amidst the black.

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