LEGO Loop Coaster Fairground Collection Review

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Editor's Review

The LEGO Loop Coaster is 3756 pieces and is going to take you a few days to build. Make sure you have plenty of space, as this thing is massive! At 36 inches tall, it will tower over any other sets you may have on display. The size, while grand, does limit display options quite a bit.


The build is intricate and methodical, as you’ll be building not only the main structure, which is complex on its own, but the looping crank mechanism that makes the roller coaster function. Turning this one crank does so much. It’ll push the carts forward, plus lower and raise the elevator. Unfortunately, We must have misaligned something during the process and now our crank doesn’t work properly. Take this as a lesson, pay close attention to the instructions! Do so and you should be totally fine.


As far as surface detail, there’s a lot to take in. The twisting majesty of the coaster is clearly the main draw, but you also get a nicely designed overhang and boarding area, a staircase and pathway to form a queue, an entrance archway, and plenty of foliage. As the cherry on top, you get a whopping 11 minifigs with this set, which include park attendees, and employees/ cart salespeople. We love the personality in these minifigs! The wardrobes and colorful hair are all super vibrant, making this collection feel very unique.

LEGO Loop Fairgound Coaster

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Should I get it?

This LEGO set is incredibly unique and special, but make no mistake, it is a luxury item for two reasons: price, and size. If you save up, and have the real estate to appropriately display the finished set in all its splendor, we recommend it highly! There’s no other set quite like it.


  • It’s a gigantic, eye catching set at 36 inches tall.
  • It has a full mechanism engineered in to loop the roller coaster process easily.
  • There’s a lot of visual detail.
  • You get a ton of very unique minifigs.


  • Limited display options, due to the massive size.
  • The crank mechanism is very delicate and finicky if you’re not careful during assembly.

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