LEGO Ideas Seinfeld Building Set Review

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Editor's Review

First impressions are very positive. Take one look and you can already hear the groovy slap of an electric bass. The color choices are extremely specific, so as to be a one-to-one match of the sitcom set. The highest compliment I can give, is that any fan of the show will immediately, and without a doubt, recognize this LEGO set as Jerry’s Apartment. There is so much to take in. The apartment is littered with tiny details and references to the show’s lore, of which there are a lot. You can find Jerry’s Klein bike, a phone number from Schmoopie, the omnipresent Superman, the Festivus Pole, and much more. I’m sure die-hard fans can find each and every reference jam packed in this set. In addition to the apartment, you also get a miniature standup stage complete with the iconic brick backdrop from the episode intro, and a mic and table. The look would not be complete without the scaffolding and film cameras up top.

Of course, the apartment is only half of the equation. What is Seinfeld, without its cast? This set comes with 5 minifigures, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, George, and Newman. The likenesses they got on each minifig is very humorous, and accurate.

LEGO Ideas Seinfeld Building Set

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Very fun! It’s a great LEGO set in and of itself, but the experience is greatly enhanced if you’re a big fan of Seinfeld. You’ll get way more out of it than a casual builder.

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