LEGO Ideas MoMA Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night Review

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Editor's Review

LEGO’s Starry Night Set is 2,316 pieces and is a nice build that will comfortably fill a weekend day. The build starts out with large and basic pieces, and slowly gets more and more detailed and intricate, mirroring the actual painting process. The frame is extremely solid, and includes a catch on the back so you can hang the finished build on your wall. The foreground elements are hyper-detailed, consisting of hundreds of tiny multi-colored pieces. Definitely pay close attention to the instructions to make sure you get every proper piece in its place.

Once done, the Starry Night set is magnificent to behold. The original painting has tons of dimensionality, but the LEGO equivalent leaps out of the frame in a much more literal sense. The layered effect allows you to engage with this famous artwork in a way you never have before. To help keep stable, The LEGO Starry Night has pegs to keep it upright on a flat surface. You also get a minifig of Vincent van Gogh, paintbrush and palette in hand, plus a canvas. There’s even a little platform you can install so you can add even more meta layers to this delightful representation of the Starry Night.

LEGO Ideas MoMA Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night

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This LEGO set is a fun build and a very lovely piece to display. We highly recommend this set for any adult LEGO hobbyist!


  • It’s an enjoyably lengthy build with both simple and complex sections.
  • It’s packed with detail, the layers make it fun and easy to admire, and you get a Van Gogh Minifig.
  • You can also display it both on a shelf or on the wall.


  • The complicated sections of the build have many similarly shaped pieces with often subtle color distinctions. It can be easy to accidentally mess up assembly here and there if you aren’t careful.

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