LEGO Friends Animal Cubes Review

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Editor's Review

Each LEGO Friends Cubes is packed with big fun into a little space. They all come with one mini-figure, surprise pet, with animal inspired detailing on the outside of the cube and inside.

Cat lovers will find Stephanie’s Cat Cube especially cute! Comes with a mini-figure, some LEGO pieces and a surprise pet. The surprise cat comes in 1 of 4 colors which is pretty neat. Kids can try to stop the kitten toy for kids climbing the tree and bothering the bird by coaxing it back to its cat gym.

Emma’s Dalmatian Cube is just as cute for my puppy fans! The case features an adorable white and purple spotted case with floppy LEGO ear pieces. Inside this birthday gift for kids is a LEGO Friends Emma mini-doll toy, celebrating her Dalmatian puppy’s birthday. A few LEGO pieces are available to put together along with her special pet. Can you guess what it will be?

There’s even more dog loving fun with the Mia’s Pug Cube. Cutely designed in an all yellow pug face casing! Inside the portable playset is a mini-doll, a pug pup in a surprise color, plus realistic grooming accessories so kids can pretend to care for the pooch. There’s even a shovel to scoop a little poop!

Another animal I think we can all agree that is interesting is a flamingo! LEGO created Olivia’s Flamingo Cube! The cute case features a flamingo face and is topped with textile ‘feathers’. Inside the box is the popular LEGO Friends Olivia toy, flamingo, and frog figures, plus a host of other accessories to spark creative play.

Lastly, is Andrea’s Bunny Cube set! The case features a blue bunny with tall bunny ears. Included in this set you’ll get an Andrea mini-doll, a bunny figure in 1 of 4 different colors, a buildable hutch, mushroom and tree, plus a basket of toy accessories to help fire imaginations.

LEGO Friends Animal Cubes

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These are a great first step into the exciting world of LEGO construction fun. Small enough to slip into a bag and you can add these to other fun collections.

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