LEGO Duplo Transportation Vehicles Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready to roll with new LEGO Duplo sets filled with cars, trucks, planes, and more!

The Race Cars set comes with 44 pieces for building the start or finish line of a race for the two push-and-go Duplo cars. The male and female driver figures wear helmets and colorful racing uniforms. Kids can decorate the set-up with cones, flags, and a trophy. There’s also a buildable electric vehicle charging station and other car-care tools to inspire imaginative play.

The Garbage Truck and Recycling set comes with 19 pieces for building a recycling truck that has a working dump bed. Match the three colored garbage bags to the right color trash bin and keep the street clean. The recycling man figure can drive the truck around and bring the boy figure along to help out.

Get ready for take-off with the Airplane & Airport set, which comes with 28 pieces for building a plane, airport, and control tower. Using the three Duplo figures of a dad, girl, and a pilot kids can play out going to the airport on a vacation. Don’t forget to bring the girl’s teddy bear and suitcase along.

And if you don’t want to fly to your destination, build the Family Camping Van Adventure set. This includes 30 pieces for building a camper van with spinning wheels, a fabric tent, a canoe, and other fun accessories for the man, woman, girl, and boy Duplo figures to interact with. Build a campfire, heat up some tea, play the guitar, and take family photos with the camera.

LEGO Duplo Transportation Vehicles

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Each of these sets will inspire a lot of imaginative play for kids who like vehicles. And because the Duplo bricks are chunky, these sets will be easy for small hands to build, whether they’re following the picture instructions or building however they want.

We like the push-and-go race cars because they’re easy for kids to manipulate, and the playset has other fun touches, such as the electric charging station. Kids will like that the recycling truck has a working dump bed for dumping out Duplo bricks or other small toys that they want to add to the play. The airplane has a removable top for placing the Duplo figures inside and flying them off to a different destination each time kids play. And the accessories of the Camping Van set jumpstart creative storytelling.

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