LEGO Duplo Bath Time Fun Building Sets Review

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Editor's Review

Turn your toddler’s bath time into a tropical island with the Floating Animal Island! A friendly lion stands on his floating island paradise and a flamingo floats on a ring, while a fish and octopus splash in the water. There’s also a bucket for kids to wash the animals and a tree growing on the island. The island splits into 2 separate floating sections. A rounded hook on the floating ring lets kids connect with rings from other Bath Time Fun toys like the Floating Animal Train!

In the Floating Animal Train set you get three adorable animals; a hippo, duck, and polar bear. The 3 animals sit in different-colored, attachable, floating rings. There’s a bucket to wash the animals and a cloud that makes rain. Rounded hooks make it easy for kids to connect and disconnect the rings. This also has the rounded hooks on the floating ring to connect to the Floating Red Panda.

The Floating Red Panda comes with the adorable panda your kids will adore. They can give the panda a wash with the bucket, which fits neatly in the ring while the panda takes a swim. And just like the other two there’s a ring to connect to one another.

LEGO Duplo Bath Time Fun Building Sets

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Simple to keep hygienically clean since all the toys open up. This is full of open-ended play. It allows kids to explore and you can collect all the bath toys for even more water splashing fun!

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