LEGO Dots Secret Boxes, Secret Holder, and Creative Party Kit Review

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Editor's Review

The LEGO Dots line has gotten even more crafty with brand-new construction sets.

If you want to keep your stuff secure, build the Secret Boxes or the Secret Holder sets. Secret Boxes, model number 41925, comes with 273 pieces for building a lockable book-shaped box plus a mini box that holds the key. Use the LEGO Dots pieces to decorate both boxes in whatever pattern or design you want.

Secret Holder, model number 41924, is a 451-piece set for building a cat-shaped container whose paws will hold a small photo or a note. Perhaps one that says “Keep out!” The cat’s body has two hidden compartments. Kids can use the LEGO Dots to decorate the cat and change its ears, face, and legs to reflect different positions and moods.

Turn the LEGO Dots experience into a party with the Creative Party Kit, model number 41926. This 622-piece set lets kids build eight LEGO cupcakes with different topping designs as well as space inside for storing small treasures or LEGO Dots pieces. Keep them for yourself for pretend play or share with friends as a party activity or goody bag prize.

LEGO Dots Secret Boxes, Secret Holder, and Creative Party Kit

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These sets are great for crafty kids, and we especially like that Secret Boxes and Secret Holder are functional as storage containers. The Creative Party Kit is a great way to share the fun of LEGO Dots with others. Yes, kids are building a specific model, but there’s creativity in how they decorate it, and sets can easily be redesigned over and over.

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