LEGO Disney Raya and the Heart Palace, Boun’s Boat, Raya and Sisu Dragon, & More Review

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Editor's Review

First one up are the smaller bags which are a small build which have less pieces to put together than the bigger sets, this one has 49 pieces. This one is the Raya and the Ongi set. It features the Dragon Gem element, a Raya mini-doll figure, and Uka Ongi figure.

Next, is the LEGO Disney Raya and Sisu Dragon set. This exciting kit includes two builds and plenty of accessories to spark endless play. The set also comes with printed building instructions!

Next, is the Boun’s Boat set. This kit features a large boat and two smaller builds to inspire creative role play. The set includes a detailed boat with large and small shrimp decorations, colorful platform, paddle and trap door, plus a dock area featuring a small market area, a smaller boat for the Ongis and loads of accessories and play starters. Plus, Sisu Human, Boun, and three Ongi figures are included.

Lastly, there’s the Raya and the Heart Palace set! The buildable palace has six different rooms to explore, including a throne room, treasure room, and a hidden room behind a revolving wall. The two side towers open and can hold Raya’s and Namaari’s weapons. The central tower opens to reveal a bedroom, with portraits of Raya’s friends. Fun figures are also included in this one; Raya, Namaari, Tuk Tuk, and Namaari’s Serlot figures!

LEGO Disney Raya and the Heart Palace, Boun’s Boat, Raya and Sisu Dragon, & More

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LEGO sets are full of creativity! It’s a great way to get kids focused as well. These are well detailed sets from the film. They’re open-ended sets which allow children to play how they like. And when completed, kids feel very rewarded.

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