LEGO Creator Superbike, Wild Lion, Space Mining Mech, and Race Car Transporter Review

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Whether kids like animals, robots, or vehicles, there’s a LEGO Creator set for them.

The 236-piece Superbike set, model number 31114, is a modern motorbike with moving handlebars and working suspension and kickstand. Kids can race around the blue bike or rebuild it into a classic motorcycle with kickstand or a futuristic hoverbike.

The Wild Lion set, model number 31112, comes with 224 pieces for building a poseable lion. Move its tail, head, legs, and jaw for roaring at the included vulture figure and rack of ribs. When you’re ready, rebuild the lion into an ostrich or a warthog. Both additional figures are poseable, and the vulture can be used with all of the models.

The Space Mining Mech, model number 31115, is all about space and robot play. Use the 327 pieces to build a mech toy with poseable arms and legs, plus a spinning buzz saw, a jetpack, and a face with changeable expressions. It also comes with an alien with a set of crystals. Rebuild the mech into a four-legged cargo carrier with a robot pilot or a two-legged LEGO robot.

And using 328 pieces, kids can build the Race Car Transporter, model number 31113. This green-and-white truck features a detachable trailer and a ramp for loading and unloading two LEGO race cars. When the race is over, rebuild it into a toy crane truck or a mini tugboat.

Superbike, Wild Lion, Space Mining Mech, and Race Car Transporter

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With all of these LEGO Creator sets, we like that they are three builds in one. This gives kids different ways to build and play. All of the models have cool features, from poseability to accessories, that help jump start creative storytelling. And kids can also use the pieces to build whatever they can imagine.

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