LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen T2 Camper Van Review

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Editor's Review

The T2 Volkswagen Camper Van is 2207 pieces and will take you about 7 hours to build at an average pace. The build is fun, but tricky in spots, due to the inclusion of some Technic mechanisms and cloth goods. If you take your time and follow the instructions, you’ll be just fine, and it’ll be worth it. Once complete, you’ll have the Camper, two folding beach chairs, and a surfboard. The beach chairs not only look great, but they actually fold up flat, which is an awesome detail they didn’t even need to include. The surfboard is very clean and uniformly smooth on every side, which is both a blessing and a curse. It looks amazing, but the lack of studs means you can’t plug it in anywhere, such as the camper roof. There is a space up top to rest the chairs, however!

Speaking of the camper, it’s beautiful. The cyan and white colors make this look like an ideal beach getaway vehicle. Stickers are also included if you want to make your van more far out, man. Details like the hood tire, tail lights, and license plates all add to the playful immersion, but this van is far more than just a pretty exterior. The trunk door opens, the driver and passenger doors open, the cabin door is on a sliding track, and the roof pops up at an angle just like the real deal. The sliding door can be a little tricky to grip. We recommend putting very slight pressure on the top, then pressing the exposed lip of the door. The inside of the camper is where it really shines. You can see a spacious cabin with comfy seating, tricky to open cabinets stocked with supplies, a stovetop, sink, and even a functioning fold-out table. In the driver’s seat, there is a moving gearshift, and a turning steering wheel that also moves all three front tires. As a last little feature, you can remove the boxer engine with a careful hand.

LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen T2 Camper Van

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This set is very fun if you’re a classic LEGO builder and want something a bit different. The play features and presentation are both top notch.

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