LEGO Creator Expert Pickup Truck Review

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Editor's Review

This pickup truck set is 1677 pieces, and is a complex build that will have you engaged throughout. Once finished, you’ll have the truck, a wheelbarrow with flowers, a few containers of produce, a milk canister, watering can, sandwich board, a wreath, and a wrapped present. Cosmetically, this set is tight and precise. The front grill, cab, and truck bed are all elegantly detailed, perfectly abstracted by LEGO bricks. Fine details such as the speedometer, side windows, and door handles are all present and accounted for; no detail was spared. The colors are understated, but appropriate for a rural work vehicle. The russet red color they chose for the truck does differ slightly from the product shots, which show as more primary red. Be advised, in person, it’s more of a red-orange with a hint of brown.

This set truly shines in the functionality. The doors fully open and close, and are detailed on the inside. You might expect there to be unsightly hollow bricks on the inside of the doors, but no! This attention to detail is impressive. The truck bed door is functional, and you can either load in your produce loose, or affix the containers to the exposed studs to keep them nice and stable. The truckbead also detaches, letting you see the buildwork underneath. The hood not only opens, but it has a fully detailed engine underneath, with a stand to keep the hood up. Leaving the hood up is the best way to display the truck for sure. It even has fully functional front-wheel drive. Seriously, turn the steering wheel, and the tires move accordingly! The moment mid-build when you realize that you’re building this feature is a moment of pure LEGO bliss. Add the real rubber tires into the mix, and you have what might be the perfect LEGO set.

LEGO Creator Expert Pickup Truck

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Incredibly fun. If you’re an adult LEGO fan, definitely pick up this set. Not only is the build entertaining, but the final product is a triumph of LEGO engineering.

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