LEGO City Police Station, Fire Brigade, and Hospital Review

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Editor's Review

There’s a lot of action happening in LEGO City, and that’s what kids get to play out with three new LEGO construction sets.

Fight the bad guys with the Police Station, model number 60316. With the 668 pieces in this set, kids can build a multi-level police station, a patrol car, a chopper, and a garbage truck. There’s space inside for enrolling, measuring, and photographing captured crooks, as well as a jail with bed and toilet, and an exercise yard. The included dog figure can be trained as a police dog in the training area. Watch out because the garbage truck has a working container lift to ram into the jail and break out the prisoners. There are five minifigures in this set, including three based on LEGO City TV characters: Daisy Kaboom, Wheeler, and Allen. Road plates allow kids to connect this set to other LEGO City sets.

Fire up imagination with the Fire Brigade set, model number 60321. In this 766-piece scene, kids help put out a fire at the three-level Sardine Factory. It’s got a fire truck with several water projectile-launching features. To make the LEGO flames reappear, just rotate the Sardine Factory sign, and then knock them down again. Beware of the cargo container’s backdraft feature and the leaking “secret sauce” vat. The set includes seven LEGO minifigures, including two characters from the LEGO City TV series: Clemmons and Feldman. There are also two cat figures, so you can help rescue and find the missing cat. Use the included road plate to expand this set and connect it to other LEGO City sets.

If anybody is injured in the fire, take them to the Hospital, model number 60330. Using 816 pieces, kids build a multi-room hospital building with an ambulance and rescue helicopter. You’ll find everything inside this hospital, such as a maternity ward, an MRI scan room, and a hospital reception with kids’ play area. The ambulance comes with a minifigure stretcher, and there’s a rooftop helipad for the helicopter. There are 12 minifigures in this set, including characters from the LEGO City TV show: Wallop, Dr. Spetzel, and Dr. Flieber. This set’s road plates can also be connected to other LEGO City sets.

LEGO City Police Station, Fire Brigade, and Hospital

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These LEGO sets have so much great detail. With the number of minifigures and fun accessories in each one, these will inspire a lot of imaginative play.

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