LEGO City Lunar Roving Vehicle, Lunar Space Station, and Lunar Research Base Review

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Editor's Review

The LEGO City characters are headed to a city on the moon with all-new lunar-themed construction sets.

The Lunar Roving Vehicle, model 60348, is actually inspired by NASA’s Artemis Lunar Rover Concepts. It comes with 275 pieces and three astronaut minifigures. Engage in exciting space missions as you build a detailed lunar roving vehicle and a meteorite setting. The rover’s 12 wheels allow for omnidirectional steering, so you can drive diagonally, sideways, or turn on the spot. Use the rover’s inspection arms to explore the meteorite and what’s inside. Additional accessories include a saw, shovel, planet-surface scanner, and helmets.

The Lunar Space Station, model 60349, is inspired by NASA’s Artemis Lunar Gateway. It comes with 500 pieces and five astronaut minifigures, including one character from the LEGO City TV show: Rivera. The space station has a lot of cool features, such as rotating solar panels, a docking space capsule, and room for interior play in the science labs and sleeping quarters. Additional accessories include a camera, a wrench, a drill, a helmet, and plants.

The Lunar Research Base is the largest construction set with 786 pieces and six minifigures. This set, model number 60350, is inspired by NASA’s Artemis Base Camp Concept. Kids can build a moon base, a lunar lander, a skycrane drone, a VIPER-inspired rover, and a moon buggy. The base has a foldout dome with botany labs and sleeping quarters, as well as a science lab, ground-level garage, and airlock and docking tunnel modules. And press the button to activate the lunar lander’s booster.

LEGO City Lunar Roving Vehicle, Lunar Space Station, and Lunar Research Base

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These are all super detailed construction sets, and we like how they take inspiration from real NASA machines, vehicles, and spacecraft. No matter which model kids build and play with, they’ll be inspired to create all sorts of imaginative space missions. And these sets might also challenge kids to imagine themselves reaching the moon someday.


  • Amount of detail in each set
  • NASA inspiration
  • Imaginative play


  • None

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