LEGO City Gaming Tournament Truck Review

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Editor's Review

The Gaming Tournament Truck is 344 pieces and will take you a comfortable hour to build at a leisurely pace. The build is quite easy, with nothing too demanding, so this makes for a perfect chill out or de-stressing activity. Despite the simplicity of the build, you end up making some very cool things! The set comes with 4 minifigures, two major league gamers, (which you can spot by their technicolor hair and nerd swag) an announcer, and a…spectator? Influencer? Let’s go with influencer. The truck itself consists of the cab and the trailer, both decorated in a very nifty black, white, and lime green color scheme. These green tile pieces arrange in a very pleasing and vaguely digital pattern that brings the look together. The cab roof comes off easily to allow you to place someone in the driver’s seat, and you can connect it to the trailer using the hitch in the back.  Be careful when detaching, as the connector piece is a bit easy to dislodge.

That’s a good a segue as any to get into the real treat of the set, the trailer. There’s a rotating controller insignia, a clear display case with a trophy inside, a hidden equipment locker in the back and the main event: both sides of the trailer open up to reveal a full gaming display, complete with two PC gaming chairs and a giant screen to display the action. On the reverse side you can slide these bricks back and forth to control the characters on screen. There’s even an adjuster for their health bars! The minifigs come with reversible faces for when they win or lose, so you can recreate your own scenarios again and again. They really thought of everything here!

LEGO city gaming truck

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Despite the relatively modest size of the set, there is a ton of value here in terms of play features, build complexity, and minifigures. 100% worth picking up!


  • There are a bunch of display and play options all over this set despite its relatively small size.
  • Even with all these features, it’s a breeze to build.
  • It comes with 4 minifigures, plenty to help set pretend play scenes.
  • Aesthetically, it also nails the part of an esports van.


  • The piece that connects the trailer to the cab can dislodge sometimes, but it’s simple enough to reconnect.

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