LEGO Captain America Construction Figure Review

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Editor's Review

The Captain America Construction Figure is 310 pieces, so it will take you an hour tops to build. The process is a case of building completely abstract objects up until you’re 3 pieces away from finishing and you have the “eureka” moment when you realize “ah, I’m building the torso”, or leg, or arm, etc. Each component part is a miniature LEGO Build, and then the whole thing comes together to make and action figure.  This is the first LEGO construction figure that we’ve gotten our hands on, and we’ve gotta say, we’re impressed. Each joint is a ball and socket, so there is pretty robust articulation in the head, shoulders, hips and ankles, with more limited poseability in the knees and elbows. The knees max out at 90 degrees and the elbows straighten out at about a 150 degree angle, but otherwise, they have great articulation. Oh also, there is full waist rotation! Cap may have three fingers and a thumb, but he can still wield his mighty shield on either his hand or his back for storage. You can wield the shield on either hand, but you’ll have to do some very minor part swapping. Thanks to the very robust ankle articulation, you can pose Cap in all manner of dynamic poses, flat footed. Again, this is made of small LEGOs! This has better articulation than a lot of straight-up action figures.

One small critique we have is for the face. A cartoon look was definitely the correct choice, but it looks a little too simplified perhaps, at least in our opinion. You may disagree!

LEGO captain america construction figure

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Should I get it?

The LEGO construction figure line’s future looks bright, if this Captain America is any indication. We recommend giving this set, or any LEGO construction figure a try.


  • The build is quick, enjoyable, and easy.
  • The articulation is really nice for a figure made entirely of LEGOs.
  • It holds together really solidly, again, for a figure made of LEGOs. 


  • The articulation is somewhat limited by the build and shape of the pieces.
  • We aren’t completely sold on the look of the head.

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