LEGO Camp Nou FC Barcelona Review

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Editor's Review

This LEGO set is a recreation of the Camp Nou Football stadium, home field to FC Barcelona, and a venue that seats over 99,000 spectators. The set is 5,509 pieces, and will take you around 15 hours to build, at an average pace, and for a person with average mental fortitude. Why you might ask? Well, the build consists of a great many repetitious steps, so it isn’t the most exciting process out there. Most of your time will be spent creating slices of the seating structure. Admittedly, it is cool to see the internal lattice, but by the 20th time, it loses its luster. Putting everything in its place can also take years off your life. The final assembly of 5 parts, 4 quarters and the field, is very satisfying, but I have to say, perform this step in the final location where you want to display this set. After you put it together, you won’t want to move it. It’s very delicate, and due to how complex it is, fixing a minor dislodge can be a real endeavor. Now for a wholehearted compliment: the final construction looks incredible. This set is a head-turner, more than most. The striated seats, beautifully checkered field, clear blue bricks on the entrance glass, and the overall architecture is stunning. This isn’t a very scientific comment, but the set looks like it should have moving parts, but it doesn’t. In fact, just don’t touch it.

LEGO Camp Nou FC Barcelona

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This set may be fun to look at, but it is not very fun to build, unfortunately. You’ll need lots of patience, a steady hand, and a bit of luck.

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