LEGO Art Batman and Elvis Presley Review

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Editor's Review

Celebrate iconic superheroes and musicians with new LEGO Art construction sets featuring Batman and Elvis Presley.

The LEGO Art Jim Lee Batman Collection (model number 31205) uses 4,167 pieces for building a pixelated portrait of DC Batman, The Joker, or Harley Quinn, based on designs by legendary comic book artist Jim Lee. Or purchase two sets to build a single image of Batman and Catwoman against a Gotham City background. Or purchase three separate sets so you can build all three portraits or a much larger single image of Batman. Scan the QR code so that as you build you can listen to almost two hours of tailor-made content featuring an interview with Jim Lee. The instruction book is coffee-table-quality with both the building instructions and detailed information about Jim Lee’s work. Finish up the set with a Jim Lee signature tile, and then display the art on a shelf or hang it with the included hanging tools.

Elvis Presley “The King” (model number 31204) comes with 3,445 pieces for building a work of art with a pixelated look. Choose to build one of three legendary pictures from Elvis’ career – his start in music, in his prime, or later in his career. Or purchase three separate sets so you can build all three at once or build a much larger image. And as you build, scan the QR code to listen to the Elvis Presley soundtrack that immerses you in the building experience with nearly two hours of tailor-made content. The Elvis Presley signature tile completes the design, making this display-worthy, whether standing on a shelf or hanging from the included hangers. Along with the instructions on how to build, the instruction booklet also provides detailed information on the LEGO designer for this model and Elvis’ life.

LEGO Art Batman and Elvis Presley

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These LEGO sets are the perfect activity for adults, especially those who are fans of Batman or Elvis. We really like the soundtracks to listen to as you build – those are fun and informative, and they make the time go by quickly. These look great on display.

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