Legends of Akedo Powerstorm Triple Strike Tag Team Arena Review

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Editor's Review

The Akedo Powerstorm Triple Strike Tag Team Arena needs some very basic assembly out of the box. If you want to get the most out of the toy, you’ll need to track down 3 AA batteries of your own, but it works perfectly well without batteries. For those of you unfamiliar with Akedo Battle figures, they’re small but highly-detailed collectibles that can battle when placed on an appropriate Akedo Battle stand. Akedo is famous for its split strike mechanic, with the losing figure being split asunder after being hit in just the right way. The two exclusive figures you get with the Triple Strike Tag Team Arena retain this feature, and also have a nice amount of painted detail. The arena itself has a good amount of molded detail too, and a simple black, cerulean and neon orange color scheme that looks vibrant while still allowing the figures to shine. The clear blue floor is a very nice touch.

Plug your figures into the triple ended stand to prep for battle. The controllers on the arena have forward and backward sliding movement, rotation in an acute forward-facing angle, a fighting trigger, and the swap trigger. Pull the swap trigger to rotate the triple ended stage and tag in your next fighter. You can do this strategically if you’re at a type disadvantage, or if your current warrior has been split. Defeat all your opponent’s warriors to win! The game can get fast-paced and exciting very quickly. Keep track of your score using the sliding counters next to the light-up screen. Speaking of, if you do have batteries, turn on the switch and you’ll get sound effects while you battle. Slap the split strike button for an announcer interjection that’s ludicrously extra.

Legends of Akedo Powerstorm Triple Strike Tag Team Arena

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Should I get it?

If you have a decently-sized collection of Akedo warriors at home, consider picking this arena up! Doubly so if you have a fellow Akedo enthusiast with which to battle.


  • The molded detail and colors look great.
  • Assembly is simple.
  • The controls are intuitive and fun to use.
  • You get light and sound features.
  • Plus, two exclusive Akedo warriors come with the arena.


  • Batteries aren’t included.
  • To complete your arena, you’ll need to get 4 more Akedo Warriors, sold separately.

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