Learn ‘N Balance Set Review

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Editor's Review

The Learn ‘N Balance Set is a balance beam with four stepping stones, designed to help develop balance and gross motor skills. Plus, you can use the stepping stones to learn about colors. Adults will need to assemble the balance beam in one of three configurations. Each section is connected by a hinge, making it really easy to adjust and fold the beam. Then, kids from ages 18 months to 4 can walk along the balance beam and hop from stone to stone. Anti-slip silicone grip keeps the beam and stones in place. According to the instructions, this has a maximum weight limit of 200 pounds. 

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This set makes a great addition to a classroom or playroom. Little kids will enjoy exploring as they walk alongside and on the beam and stones, while older kids will be able to incorporate the beam and stones into their imaginative play. This is a fun way to help your little one with balance. 


Set up balance beam in multiple ways

Pieces stay in place

Helps kids develop balance



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