LeapStart Learning Success Bundle Review

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Editor's Review

Each LeapStart Learning Success device comes with two books included. The books are filled with touch-and-talk activities including games, puzzles, and creative challenges that enhance learning.

By using the LeapStart stylus, your little one can tap on the pictures and words to explore reading, counting, problem-solving, and more. The stylus is easy to hold and promotes proper writing grip.

It’s meant to grow with children from preschool through first grade. Most re-playable activities are designed with two levels so that kids can play and learn at the right level and move up when they’re ready.

It closes and locks, has a place to store the stylus pen, and a handle on the back.

LeapStart Learning Success Bundle

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It’s super entertaining and encourages preschoolers to learn through fun activities. Plus, it’s easy to travel with, so kids can use it anywhere.

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