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Editor's Review

Introduce preschoolers to the concept of farm-to-table with the Laugh & Learn Grow-the-Fun Garden to Kitchen. On one side of the playset, kids can pretend to plant and pick food. The other side of the playset is a kitchen where kids can prepare their pretend food. And as kids play with this playset and its 30 accessories, they’ll see lights and hear music and learning content.

There’s lots to do on the garden side. Drop eggs down the chicken coop and catch them in the basket. Turn the lights on and off. Spin the honeycomb to count bees. Spin the tomatoes. Match the shapes and numbers of the fruits and vegetables to the correct spaces in the soil. Pretend to plant cabbage, watermelon, and flowers. And send the fruits and veggies that you’ve picked to the kitchen through the shape sorter.

Then on the kitchen side, use the cutting board and knife to cut the cabbage and watermelon in half. The cutting board doubles as a place setting when you flip it over. Cook up food in the skillet and turn the clicking knob. Turn the pages in the recipe book to put together a lettuce wrap or avocado toast. Store the shape sorter fruits and vegetables inside the refrigerator. And pretend to wash the food and dishes in the sink.

There are three Smart Stages modes that kids can activate when they press the shapes button, the music button, the blue smoothie button, the letters button, or the numbers button; flip the recipe book pages; spin the honeycomb; and flip the lights switch. The first mode is Learn, and this introduces the youngest kids to opposites, colors, shapes, letters, and counting. The second mode is Engage, and this adds to the content by giving kids action prompts (“Can you please turn the garden lights off?”) as well as an auditory reward when they correctly complete the action. And in the last mode, Imagine, the playset will play songs and phrases to inspire imaginative play.

Laugh & Learn Grow-the-Fun Garden to Kitchen

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This is a cute playset that engages kids in a lot of imaginative roleplay. Kids will love pretending to tend their gardens, and then serving up pretend food in the kitchen. It really allows them to play out what they see the adults in their life doing, giving them the feeling of being grown-up. We like that this has three modes of educational content to keep the toy growing with your child.

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