Last One Lost, GoBong!, and Last Mouse Lost Review

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Editor's Review

Last Mouse Lost is a pop-and-play game that you can play anywhere as long as you have two players and about five minutes. The mice need to scurry back to their holes, and the last one standing gets caught by the cat. The bubbles on the silicon disk are mice. Players take turns pressing down any number of mice in a row with the object of forcing their opponent to press down on the last mouse. Whoever wins three out of five rounds first wins the whole game.

Last One Lost is a remake of the Last Mouse Lost game, so the gameplay is the same but with a new look and new colors. Players take turns popping any number of bubbles in a row with the object of forcing their opponent to press down the last bubble on the silicon disk board.

GoBong! is another portable game, and this one is for one or two players. This game includes several brain challenges that all involve pressing the bubbles on the board. Some of the challenges, such as The Solitaire 6 Queens Puzzle and The Solitaire Knight Game, involve rules of Chess. Other games, such as The Solitaire GoBong! Jumping Game involves trying to leave as few un-pressed bubbles as possible. If you have two players, you can play one of the two Logic Games where the player who presses the last bubble either wins or loses. And then kids are also encouraged to invent their own games.

Last One Lost, GoBong!, and Last Mouse Lost

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We like that these strategy games are very easy to learn, perfect for two players, and fast-playing. Slip one in a purse or backpack to play in a car or on a plane, and grab one off the game shelf whenever you want to play a quick and fun game at home.

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