L.O.L Surprise Sooo Mini! Series 1 Review

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Editor's Review

There are so many surprises to unbox with each L.O.L. Surprise Sooo Mini! doll. There are eight surprises in each ball. Along with the regular unboxings of the doll, clothes, and accessories, you also get to unbox the mini balls on the doll’s head! The balls pop off so you can unwrap them and reveal a fun charm in each one. The collection includes 12 fan-favorite dolls from previous series, and some are popular, fancy, rare, and ultra-rare. You can keep track of your collection on the included collector’s guide. And the dolls have a water feature – they all spit water!

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This is a fun new look for past dolls. Kids will like unboxing all-new surprises and collecting favorite characters. These dolls will inspire imaginative play.


12 fan-favorite dolls to collect

8 surprises to unbox

Imaginative play



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