Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint and Magic Stix Review

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Editor's Review

Tempera paint can be very messy, but with the Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint life can be a lot simpler. These sticks take the mess out of painting while keeping all the fun! Simply uncap, twist, and paint! Kwik Stix have a fast drying formula that allow them to dry in 90 seconds while still leaving a paint-like finish! No cups, smocks, water or brushes required. Kwik Stix come in assorted vibrant colors with coverage that won’t crack.

Then there’s the Magic Stix collection which is a 48 count set that includes 12 new global skin shades!

Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint and Magic Stix

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Both are mess free. It’s a fun twist to arts and crafts. They’re washable and can be used on plenty of surfaces.

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