Koosh Cameos Star Wars and Jurassic World Edition Review

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Editor's Review

Koosh Cameos are a lot like the classic Koosh ball you know and love, but with with more limbs! At launch, we have Grogu and Din Djarin from Star Wars’ the Mandalorian, as well as Blue and T-rex from Jurassic World Dominion. The face sculpts on all four are sharply detailed and well-painted. The aesthetic is more cartoony and simplified, which we think was the right move. The limbs are made from a more solid rubber like material, so they’re able to bend. While they do bend, they’ll naturally stretch back to their default position once you let go. If you thought lack of legs would make it hard for these Koosh Cameos to stand, think again! The material of the Koosh fibers has a lot of grip, and if you place them face up, the way the fibers collapse makes a sturdy base. They’ll look very nice balancing on your shelf, or flying through the air in a game of catch.

Koosh Cameos 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Koosh Cameos are nifty collectibles that can help brighten up a playroom or work desk. Their versatility as display piece/ fidget toy makes them a worthy buy if you like the character.


  • The pleasant tactile experience of Koosh balls is back and better than ever.
  • The character sculpts or expressive, sharp and well-painted.
  • They stand upright surprisingly well.


  • While the bendy arms are moveable, they are not poseable.

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