K’Nex Cyber X C10 Crossover Legacy Review

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Editor's Review

This K’Nex set has everything you need to build your own motorized crossbow, plus the capacity for even more (which we get into a bit later). The build is 460 pieces and will take you a couple hours to build, in all likelihood. The process isn’t overly difficult, but it’s not easy either. Some sections will ask you to connect multiple points together at once, which is much easier said than done. Also, certain points must be connected at very precise angles, so pay close attention. We deem it ideal for intermediate builders. If you have prior K’Nex experience, all the better. 


Once done, the crossbow has an awesome look. The design incorporates mostly gray and black, with neon orange accents in both opaque and translucent pieces. The construction is solid, so long as you handle it with a reasonable amount of care. The way it feels, dropping it from more than a foot off the ground is probably a bad idea. Install 3 AA batteries of your own during the process and you’ll be ready to roll. 10 darts are included, which you can load into the removable clip. Load the clip, switch the crossbow on, and get to blasting. The motor makes some noise, but it’s not too loud at all. The accuracy on the Crossover Legacy is quite nice, with relatively little deviation while firing. There is no aiming reticle to speak of, but once you find your mark, you can rest assured your darts will more than likely strike true. As a bonus, these parts can be used to make 6 other constructions, the instructions for which you can find via a URL in the instruction booklet.

KNEX Crossover Legacy780 x 780

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Should I get it?

This ambitious set is ideal for a tinkerer. Someone who enjoys toy blasters and their mechanisms, as well as construction toys will get the most out of the K’Nex Cyber X C10 Crossover Legacy.


  • It looks wicked cool.
  • It has very good accuracy.
  • The motor allows you to fire up to 60 feet.
  • You have the option to build 6 other constructions via online directions.


  • A lack of included batteries.
  • The occasionally tricky building process.
  • You may have to get used to playing more gingerly, since this is made of K’Nex pieces, rather than a solid molded toy blaster, (historically sturdy toys).

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