Kinetic Sand Treasure Hunt Review

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Editor's Review

What will you find buried deep inside the treasure chest filled with Kinetic Sand? That’s the surprise of the Kinetic Sand Treasure Hunt set. Open up the shark’s mouth on top of the chest to reveal a key. You’ll use the key to unlock the chest so you can start digging for buried treasure – or at least special tools that will make playing with the Kinetic Sand much more fun. Get digging with the skull-topped shovel. Use the roller to roll out a treasure map in the sand. The pirate sword and octopus let you slice and scoop the sand. The map roller also unlocks the bottom panel of the chest to reveal hidden gems. Bury the gems inside the sand, and dig for them using the tools.

Kinetic Sand Treasure Hunt

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Kids will like going on this tactile treasure hunt, and the fact that this is not a one-and-done unboxing experience. Put the sand, tools, and gems back inside the treasure chest for pirate roleplay over and over again.

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