Kinetic Sand Swirl N’ Surprise Review

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Editor's Review

We’ve got the Sand Swirler machine, two pounds of sand in four colors, and some tools to get to creating some fun designs!

Set up is easy, but young children may need some assistance. Squish the sand to get it ready for magic! Press the blue button 5 times to get it going and slowly add the sand. Keep pressing the button to continue spinning and add more colors. Use the brake to stop the tray from spinning. Once stopped, fill the hole with sand. Unlock, and reveal your sand art!

You can even add a surprise layer with the included token. Add a different color and press the lid onto your tray, then press together and reveal your surprise!

Kinetic Sand Swirl N' Surprise

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Mix colors to get new colors. The sand doesn’t dry up or harden with exposure to air. It’s a fun DIY activity and the fun never stops as kids can recreate over and over again.

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