Kinetic Sand Mermaid Crystal Playset Review

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Editor's Review

Dig for hidden mermaid treasure inside the Kinetic Sand Mermaid Crystal Playset. There are nine hidden surprises and more than one pound of Kinetic Sand that is made from natural sand. Use the shell key to unlock the playset. It’s a little tricky to do because the key doesn’t work like a normal key, so adult assistance might be required. You’ll find a shell scoop hiding underneath the lid. Use that to help you dig through the Kinetic Sand until you find the clamshell and mermaid key. The clamshell opens up to reveal pink Kinetic Sand inside. The mermaid key can be used as a mold, and it also unlocks the bottom compartment of the playset, which can also be a bit difficult to remove. In the bottom, you’ll dig through shimmery gold Kinetic Sand to find the hidden gems and pearls.

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Playing with the Kinetic Sand engages kids in fun tactile play, and digging for the buried treasure inspires imaginative roleplay. Kids can rebury and dig up the treasures over and over again. Plus, they get three colors of Kinetic Sand to mold, sculpt, and squish. It’s got such a fun texture and is really mesmerizing to watch as it flows through your fingers.


9 hidden surprises

3 colors of Kinetic Sand

Sand has fun texture

Imaginative play


Top and bottom compartments not easy to unlock and remove

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