Kinetic Sand Dino XCavate Review

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Editor's Review

Go digging for dinosaurs in sand with Kinetic Sand Dino XCavate. Inside each crate, you’ll find dinosaur bones and a hidden amber fossil treasure. Use the digging tool to open the crate and dig through the sand until you find all the bones. Then assemble the bones to see if you’ve got a triceratops, stegosaurus, or T-Rex skeleton. Use the collectors guide to mark off which dinosaur and fossils you’ve collected. Use the fossils to mold dino prints or other shapes in the Kinetic Sand, and stomp your dinosaur around. You can even close up the crate to store the sand and accessories when you’re done playing.

Kinetic Sand Dino XCavate

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Kinetic Sand is such a fun and tactile toy to play with, and dinosaur fans will like digging through it to discover dinosaur bones, just like a real paleontologist. This encourages imaginative roleplay, plus it’s a fun unboxing experience. Kids will want to collect all the dinosaurs and fossils.

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