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Editor's Review

VTech has created lots of different kid-friendly cameras over the years because kids love taking their own pictures. But now, with the KidiZoom Print Cam, kids can take pictures and instantly print them out, tear them off, and share them. The 3.5-inch by 5.5-inch camera (available in blue or pink) has a 2.4-inch color screen, it prints instant black and white photos, there are more than 110 print templates, it includes more than 40 photo and video effects, and it comes with one paper roll. No ink is needed! It runs on a rechargeable battery that you charge up using the included USB cable. The camera has a wrist strap to prevent kids from dropping it, but in case of accidental droppage, the camera is very sturdy.

When kids turn the camera on and get ready to take a picture, they can use the directional buttons to zoom in and out or add photo effects. Pressing the big red button on top snaps the picture. Kids can even take selfies by flipping up the selfie camera. Then hit the “play” button to scroll through all the pictures and choose which one to print. The black-and-white picture instantly prints from the front of the camera.

But that’s not all. Pressing the “home” button takes you to a menu of options, from recording videos and taking panoramic photos to turning your pictures into coloring pages and comic strips. Under the Print Shop section, kids can print out pre-made mini cards, games, coloring pages, and more.

And if kids need a break from taking and printing pictures, they can enter Games mode to play Crystal Blast, Happy Clown, and Baby Sloth.

The camera also has parental controls so parents can set a daily time limit for the games or a daily print limit to preserve the paper roll.

KidiZoom Print Cam

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Parents might look at this and see some downsides: the photos only print in black-and-white, the printing quality is not the greatest, and the paper is very thin. But this camera is for little kids, not professional photographers! Kids will look at this and see their very own camera that lets them print their own photos and so much more with the push of a button. The camera is easy for kids to use and sturdy enough for all their photographic adventures. However, kids might need some help tearing off the photos.

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