KidiGo Basketball Hoop Review

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Editor's Review

KidiGo Basketball Hoop and Ball is an interactive scoreboard that keeps score and cheers you on, celebrating each basket with lights and sounds. There are five game modes that offer you options to play solo or with up to five players.

Choose from one of the four built-in games, or make up your own rules in Free Play. Play solo in Color Challenge, timing your shot with the colored scoreboard lights, or make the game-winning basket before time runs out in Time Challenge. Now it’s team time! Gather up to four other players or play solo in Score Challenge, sinking as many shots as you can in one minute. Include friends and family in a Hot Potato game, where you must make a basket and pass the ball before the music stops.

KidiGo Basketball Hoop

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There are plenty of options for active play, with friends or alone, and the interactive lights and sounds add excitement to the games.

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