Keababies Baby Wrap Carrier Review

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Editor's Review

Bonding with your little one while staying hands free is a total breeze thanks to the Keababies Wrap Carrier.  The Wrap comes in 22 different and unique colors so you don’t have to settle on one or two plain colors. It’s made of soft, stretchy, and breathable proprietary fabric tech which makes it easy to put on and it’s so close-fitting that you do not need to readjust all the time. The Wrap has the perfect stretch to it as it distributes weight evenly giving the parent/guardian great shoulder and back support. The carrier mimics the womb as it provides a safe and snug environment for your baby. It’s super simple and easy to use after 2-3 tries. It can be used inside and out; and lets you breastfeed on the go. The Wrap allows you to form a close connection with your baby while also getting things done around the house. I like the Wrap because it was easy to learn how to take it on/off, it’s super lightweight and doesn’t make you sweat with it on, and it’s travel friendly as it folds up into a small square. However, it doesn’t really offer a lot of support as it hurt my back when I took a 12 lb baby on a 10 min walk. And it was hard to untwist the straps to spread them out both when the baby was in and out of the carrier.

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Should I get it?

This would be a great wrap for a tiny child. Once your child reaches about 15lbs, I would switch to a carrier with more support.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • Lightweight
  • Travel friendly


  • It’s pretty difficult to flatten the shoulder straps when the baby is both in and out of the Wrap. 

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