Kawaii Tree Farm Cloud Slime, Reindeer Poop Butter Slime, and more! Review

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Editor's Review

This holiday season will be super slimy thanks to all-new holiday slimes from Kawaii Slime Company. Bring the best parts of the season to slime thanks to colors, scents, and themed add-ins. 

Kawaii Tree Farm Cloud Slime is a glittery green slime with a frozen forest scent. It includes a Christmas tree charm and themed sprinkles. Its powdery snow texture makes you feel like you’re playing in a forest filled with snow – or slime. 

Reindeer Poop Butter Slime smells like chocolate pudding. This buttery-smooth brown slime comes with a reindeer charm, charms that look like chocolate chips, and red and white sprinkles. 

Hot Cocoa Kisses Butter Slime is another smooth brown slime, but this one smells like hot cocoa. To inspire some imaginative play, it comes with a mug charm, pretend mini marshmallows, and sprinkles that look like peppermint candies and small chocolates. 

Elf on a Slime Butter Slime is a glittery white slime that smells like a gumdrop. It even comes with a tiny Elf doll with a lollipop and colorful sprinkles and beads to mix in.

And Candy Cane Cutie is a white and pink slime that smells like a candy cane. It comes with two large candy cane charms, a bow charm, and colorful heart sprinkles. 

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Should I get it?

These slimes are so much fun to play with, and their packaging is super cute, too. The scents remind us of winter and all things holidays, and the charms help add imaginative play. You can squish and stretch just the slime or mix in the sprinkles and smaller charms for added texture. These would make fun stocking stuffers.


Winter and holiday themes
Charms add imaginative play
Sprinkles and smaller charms add texture
Scents smell good
Fun to squish and stretch



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