Just My Style Glitzy Pop! Jewel Pen Review

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Editor's Review

Make sparkling accessories with the Just My Style Glitzy Pop! Jewel Pen Sparkling Charm Studio. Even the cute rainbow-shaped workstation is customizable with gems. 

Fill the jewel pen with jewels from one of the vials (twist off the bottom of the pen), and then pick one of the 10 charms to gem. Place the tip of the pen over a circular slot on the charm, and press down on the pen’s gem button to release a jewel into the slot. Fill your charm with jewel until all the slots are full. Add your finished charms to the two chain bracelets using the jump rings or make necklaces by adding charms to the satin or elastic cording. You can also string the accent beads on the cording for more sparkle. Hang your finished accessories from the pegs on the workstation.

The set comes with a workstation, a jewel pen, 10 charms, two chain bracelets, five bags of accent beads, two skeins of elastic cording, two skeins of satin cording, four vials with jewels, and 12 jump rings. You’ll need to provide your own scissors and tape.

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While this is a creative activity that will appeal to young fashionistas, it’s really difficult to open the jewel vials, and if you can’t get them open, then you can’t add them to the charms. If you do get them open, you’ll need a toothpick or something thin and small that can dig into the vial to unstick the jewels or they won’t pour out. And again, if you can’t get the jewels out, then you can’t add them to the charms, which is the whole point of this kit. We also had issues with the gems falling out of the charms. The accent beads were much easier to work with, so kids may just want to create beaded bracelets without the charms.


Creative activity
Wearable necklaces and bracelets
Workstation doubles as storage


Hard to open the pen and the vials
Jewels too easily fall out of the charms

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