Jurassic World Dominion Uncaged Ultimate Pyroraptor Figure Review

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Editor's Review

The Ultimate Pyroraptor, part of Mattel’s Uncaged line of Jurassic World Dominion toys, retains the telltale features of said toy line. The Pyroraptor has much shorter, compact features and a larger head, giving her a charmingly cartoony appearance. Despite the cute proportions, this toy makes no compromises in the level of detail . Every surface has molded detail, which varies depending on whether it’s defining feathers, scales, or bare dino skin. There’s just enough paint to nail the Pyroraptor’s distinct colors, and the glassy eyes have a pleasant dimensionality to them.

You’ll need to rustle up 4 AA batteries and install them in the tail before you can use the primary feature of this toy. The Ultimate Pyrorapter is an interactive toy, with multiple modes to choose. She has 4 interactive points on her head, one for up, down, left and right. Upon powering the Pyroraptor on, she’ll start in wild mode. Her eyes glow red, and she will refuse to follow instructions, but there is a way to tame her and turn her eyes green. When she’s wild, her noises and movements are violent and her voice is loud. When she’s tamed, she’s much more tranquil and her noises are subdued. Press the button on the belly to change to Play mode, with blue eyes. Follow her movements and test your memory. Careful, mess up and she’ll roar! Last we have Training Mode, with yellow eyes. Train the Pyroraptor to perform up to 6 movements in sequence. Note, even if your hand gets caught in her mouth, it’s not a hard bite, and doesn’t hurt at all.

Ultimate Pyroraptor 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Any young dinosaur fan will love the Ultimate Pyroraptor. There’s tons of role play potential, and its size is perfect for pretend pet ownership.


  • Sculpt and color accuracy both get top marks.
  • Its movements are very expressive.
  • The sounds have nice variation between tamed and untamed modes.
  • The interactive points are precise and responsive.


  •  Batteries aren’t included.

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