Jurassic World Dominion Captivz Pop N’ Lock Dino Eggs, Collector Case & Zoom Riders Review

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Editor's Review

The Pop N’ Lock Captivz Eggs come sealed, and include a mystery dino, its corresponding battle token, and a packet of metallic slime. The slime is very gelatinous, and a bit sticky. Slime fans will get a kick out of the texture, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Be sure to read the information on the wrapper before handling. The dino comes in parts, so you’ll have to assemble it yourself, which is very easy. After assembly, the dinosaur can be lightly posed at each attachment point via swivel. The molded detail on each toy is very fine, and the paintwork includes a wash in the cracks and recesses, and full painted areas like on stripes and eyes. Once you’ve collected a few, use your battle tokens to pit your dino army against an opponent’s in a simple battle game.

Where are you going to put your dinosaurs? Consider the Captivz Collector Case! This case is new for the Dominon wave of Captivz, and includes an exclusive metallic aqua Therizinosaurus. The case itself is shaped like the iconic logo of the franchise, with a black base, gold trim, and weathered cracks throughout the facade. Inside, there are molded compartments with decorative backgrounds. Each compartment is meant to house a specific dino, and is decorated with their habitat. Keep it open and on your shelf for display, or fold it, and carry it off by the handle to do battle elsewhere.

Last but not least, we have the Zoom Riders. These fellahs are toy cars that zip forward after you pull them backward along the ground for a few inches. Our T-Rex takes off in a straight line, but the Pyroraptor veers slightly right. They have monster truck style proportions, and caricatures of various dinosaurs in place of the cab. The undercarriage is made of hard plastic, but the tires and dino bodies are comprised of a softer rubbery plastic. The molding and detail work on the dinosaurs is very well done. Toy Monster has applied a generous wash over the skin and feathers of our T-Rex and Pyroraptor, making the details really pop! Overall, we were impressed with the paint job on these toys.

Jurassic World Dominion Captivz Pop N' Lock Dino Eggs, Collector Case & Zoom Riders

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All three of these items will make a Jurassic World fan’s day!

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