Jurassic World Dominion Captivz Dino Surprise Egg and MEGA Egg Surprise Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s start with the Captivz Dino Surprise Egg. Once you hatch the egg, you get 3 containers, one of amber gel, one with prehistoric sand, and the last with bioSyn slime, 6 dino stickers, and a collector guide. Each container hides a dinosaur piece for a super-sized Pop N’ Lock Captivz figure. Excavate each part from the materials to find out what dino you got. The sand almost has the consistency of brown sugar, but make no mistake, it’s not for eating! Captivz collectors will be all too familiar with the metallic biosyn slime! The beautiful metallic blue is mesmerizing, but watch where you put the stuff, it can quickly get messy if you’re not careful. The Amber gel is much more firm and translucent than the biosyn slime. Rinse off the parts and assemble them to create your jumbo dino! The dino sticker sheet comes folded, but in general, our stickers were still in good shape.

Now we move onto the Mega Egg Surprise. This gargantuan surprise egg comes with a ton of goodies, including 3 total mystery dinos with battle tokens, a mystery Zoom Rider, 2 Captivz Dino Eggs, 2 metallic slimes, a sticker sheet, a backpack clip, collectors guide, and playmat with die. Wow, that’s a lot of swag! The backpack clip is like a miniature of the Captivz Collector’s Case, and it can even open and close. The stickers that come in the mega egg differ from the ones in the surprise egg, which is very nice. The playmat is made of a flexible tear-resistant polymer, is well decorated, and has all the rules for the game on the right hand side for reference. If you’ve seen our review on the Zoom Riders and Pop N’ Lock Dinos, you know how well painted, molded and detailed they are. If you want a great way to either start, or flesh out your dino army, seek out the Mega Egg Surprise!

Jurassic World Dominion Captivz Dino Surprise Egg and MEGA Egg Surprise

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Jurassic World fans will enjoy the thrill of the hunt with these mystery box-style toys.

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