Jurassic World Dino Trackers Track ‘N Attack Indoraptor Review

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Editor's Review

The Indoraptor not only has a super detailed scaly, bumpy, spikey and wrinkly sculpt, but an excellent finish to match. The dark bluegreen hide is just, WOW! We could stare at this for what feels like hours. The glossy metallic sheen is the perfect compliment to the highly detailed sculpt. The golden markings are two-toned, and printed on cleanly, and there are some subtle red markings near the eyes. We also really like how the teeth are matte off-white, to make them stand out.

But enough about looks, what can the Indoraptor do? Well, it has poseability at the feet, legs, and tail, which remain in place. However, there’s also articulation at the arms, neck and head, which are all part of a movement gimmick. Move the arms up and down for roaring and tearing action. The eyes will also light up. If you prefer, you can also press the hidden button on the back for a different roar. The arms and head will go back to their default positions at rest, so no permanent poses unless you hold it there. To make up for this though, there is an included headpiece to give the Indoraptor even more menace. As one last surprise, the Indoraptor has a scannable label hidden in the tail for use with the Jurassic World Facts App.

track n attack indoraptor 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

We can’t imagine a dinosaur lover who wouldn’t be thrilled with the Track N’ attack Indoraptor. Not only is it rich with features, it looks amazing!


  • The plastic and paint are stunning, as is the sculpt.
  • The sounds are loud and crisp.
  • It has nice articulation.
  • It includes an accessory.
  • Batteries are included.


  • Some poseability was sacrificed for the sake of the attacking mechanism.

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