Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Captivz Build n’ Battle Dinos Review

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Editor's Review

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park by collecting 24 of the super cool Captivz Build n’ Battle Dinos. Inside each golden egg is a mystery dino figure and slime. You’ll have to pop some of the dino pieces together, and then you can find out which dinosaur you got on the collector’s guide. Some of the dinosaurs are common, while others are rare. A collector’s card tells you more information about your dinosaur, including how well it might fare in a battle. How do you battle? There are instructions in the collector’s guide, but essentially, you need two or more players, and you each pick a dinosaur to put forward. Then choose which stat to play from the collector’s cards: killer rating, intelligence, height, or weight. The dinosaur with the strongest, heaviest, or highest score wins the battle and takes their opponent’s battle rank points as shown in the collector’s guide. 

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These slimy dinos are really fun to collect, and kids will like the surprise of unboxing each one. Even if you’re not playing the battle game with them, just collecting them and playing with them in the slime is super fun. (Of course, the slime can get messy.) These will inspire a lot of imaginative play.


24 to collect
Fun unboxing
Battle game
Slime offers tactile play


Slime does get messy

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