Joy for All Game Trio – Life Generations, Trivial Pursuit Generations and Scrabble Bingo Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s start with Scrabble Bingo, which has 3 ways to play! Bingo has you trying to complete a 4 letter word vertically or horizontally on your bingo card with random tiles being drawn each turn. If you have no matching tiles, you get skipped. Scrabble Pass involves completing the highest scoring word on your Pass card as quickly as possible from 7 random tiles and trying to outpace your opponents. Being the first to lock your word in gives you bonus points and gives everyone else 30 seconds to finish! Then there’s original Scrabble, which we all know is an enduring classic. The rules don’t indicate a way to synthesize the three different play methods, but the fact that 2 other games exist in one box is nonetheless appreciated! 

Trivial Pursuit Generations is much like the classic game, except you declare a generation at the start of the game and must answer questions aimed at said generation throughout the game. You do not necessarily have to pick your own generation! We like this because it partially solves the inherent balancing issue of Trivial Pursuit, normally being a very era-dependant game. Now everyone can be on a somewhat even playing field. If a player is still having trouble, there are even luck based rules for hints.

Lastly, we have Life Generations, which is by far the most complicated. In essence, you select a generation to play as at the top, and for the rest of the game, mechanics slightly differ depending on which generation you chose. Greatest Generation players go first, and  Boomers have access to coupon cards, which can raise money earned or lower money payed, for example. Gen X players gradually accumulate what they earn from payday spaces with their Pay Bump cards, Millennials have side hustle cards, which allow you to receive money from players you choose. Gen Z has the most wild mechanic, collecting money from every other player based on their circumstances, but they need to land on a payday space before the game ends, otherwise they pay a large chunk of it back! Each generation has their own soft difficulty level, but it’s overall relatively well balanced. Otherwise, it resembles the classic Life you ‘re familiar with.

Trivial Pursuit Generations

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Any of these three offerings are worth adding to your collection. Trivial Pursuit was our favorite, since it evens the playing field a bit better than any given normal edition. Life Generations mixes things up with varied mechanics, and Scrabble Bingo brings you bonus ways to play.


  • Scrabble Bingo’s alternate modes are fun and engaging bonuses to a standard box of Scrabble.
  • The generational spin on Trivial Pursuit in particular is an inspired and refreshing addition to the game formula.
  • Life Generations offers different, varied ways to play. Each session will be different than the last. 


  • Scrabble Bingo’s three modes do not coalesce into a greater whole.
  • Life Generations is a bit complex on starting out, assuming you’re unfamiliar with Life classic.

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