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Editor's Review

The spherical console shares more than 1,000 hours of content right out of the box and the silicon sleeve encapsulates the series of games- blue Hugibo is not only a cheerful character but also helpful for protecting hard surfaces in the home.

The ball operates as a Bluetooth speaker that uses the sensors inside of it to play the games that are found on the matching app you use to play the game. There are many different ways to play, as people of all ages can choose to challenge themselves or match themselves. If you throw it, Jogoball detects a throw. Shake it, and Jogoball detects it! Twist it, and Jogoball knows it’s getting twisted! Jogoball offers fifteen games that are both unique and familiar across four different categories including mind (like different trivia games), active (such as endurance workouts), music (use Jogoball like an instrument to make music), and social games (like ice breakers). Everything you need is right at the palm of your hands.

Jogoball Hugibo

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Play solo or with others. It’s screen free which is always a plus. Very durable. Can be a team building activity and it’s interactive.

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