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Editor's Review

Jenga Maker is a competitive game meant to be played with four participants, in teams of two. In each team, one player is the Maker and the other is the Director. Directors draw a card each from either the “beginner” or “expert” piles, and keep it face down. Then, everyone puts all the Jenga pieces in the middle of the table, jumbled up as much as possible, and the crown piece equidistant between both teams.

When the round starts, each Director looks at the other side of the card and gives instructions to their Maker on how to make the creation they see. They are only allowed to describe what to do, they can’t help in any other way. No pointing or gesturing is allowed. You CAN however describe color, shape, and number of blocks needed. If you’re a Maker, do your best to follow your Director’s instructions, and when you think you’ve got the right build, reach for the crown and place it on your creation. Once, balanced, yell “CROWN” to pause the round. The other team will then judge your creation, and if it is right, you win the round. Careful though, if it isn’t, the other team gets a point instead! Win three rounds to take the game. For added fun, you can try and guess what the build represents without looking at the card first. Easier said than done!

This game gets hectic real fast. Instead of slowly removing pieces from a tower, you’re frantically trying to build something as quickly and accurately as possible. Go too fast, and you’ll see why this game still carries the Jenga moniker!

Jenga Maker Game

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Jenga Maker is lots of fun! It’s very different from traditional Jenga, so don’t let the similar name fool you.

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