Itzy Ritzy Itzy Mitt Teething Mittens and Itzy Pal Infant Toy Review

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Editor's Review

Teething babies will be roaring with delight when they get their hands on the Itzy Ritzy Itzy Mitt Teething Mittens and Itzy Pal Infant Toy.  These toys can be used for babies ages newborn and up, but it’s best to be used on those who are teething. Both are safe to use on a baby’s gums. The teething mitten is in the shape of a dinosaur with a spikey back. The glove design keeps your baby from scratching their face and is perfect for babies who can’t grasp teethers yet. It has an adjustable strap to keep the mitt in place on your baby’s hand. The dino teether is made of food grade silicone while the mitt portion is made of 100% polyester. The mitt makes a crinkle sound effect that keeps babies occupied for hours. The mitt can be machine washed on cold or hand washed then air dried. The Infant Pal Toy comes in four different characters: Macy the rainbow, James the dino, Kayden the koala, and Dempsey the dino. We’re reviewing Dempsey the dino today. Each of the toys are attached to a ring that your baby can chew on and can be clipped to a stroller or car seat so it can be used on the go. Each character has a crinkle sound and texture ribbons for your baby to play with while they teethe. The teether is made of safe silicone and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Asher loved chewing on the mitt as the dino spikes were really easy for the kids to get their mouth on. The dino pal was great to put on the walker/bouncer because it kept the babies entertained and they loved to use the ring to chew on. However, the mitt was very hard to stay on. The babies would rather hold the mitt themselves and chew on the end than have it velcroed on their whole hand. 

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Riley enjoyed teething on the Itzy Ritzy toys.  The mitt however was better without being velcroed to his hand.


  • Both toys are soft enough for babies to chew on.
  • They both make crinkle noises to keep any baby entertained
  • Both toys are portable. 


  • Your baby might like to have the mitt velcroed to their hand as it’s hard to stay on. 

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