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Editor's Review

ItCoinz is a collectible craze type of toy, all it takes is a glance to clock them as such. The early to mid-naughts style of graphic design is palpable, a magnet for kids looking for a more sophisticated toy. But hold on, what are ItCoinz? They’re circular discs about an inch and a quarter in diameter. On one side they have a cool graphic protected by a clear bubble, and on the other side there’s a flexible magnet. For you Gen Xers out there, this is sort of like the second coming of Pogs. They come in blind packages of 5, and include a handy chart on the interior so you can track your collecting progress. Standard ItCoinz have a colorful graphic and a matte finish, but more rare ItCoinz have an iridescent coating. 


You can also opt to get a game board and stainless steel spinner set. The game board is magnetized as well, and you can use the packaging to set it at and angle and play a game of skill with your friends. The game board is a lot more flexible than it looks, but be sure not to apply any focussed pressure, as it may dent. This game is neat, but it can be a little tricky, since the magnets aren’t that strong. A lot of it depends on how your throw it. It’s like a combination of darts and cornhole. Our favorite part of the set is the stainless steel spinner. This sturdy metal spinner provides a base where you can stick your ItCoin and then spin it to admire the pattern. This makes gold or silver tier ItCoinz even more special, since the iridescence adds much more when it is spinning. Not all ItCoinz are created equal in this way. Some looks really mesmerizing when spun, others look better on your fridge.

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ItCoinz are really neat as a collectible craze item. They look cool just sticking to your fridge, but they also accessorize well with the game board and the spinner. We recommend picking up at least one mystery pack to see for yourself!


  • They’re sturdy, but flexible.
  • They’ve got some very radical designs!
  • They’re highly collectible.
  • You can use them in a game, or via the stainless steel spinner, if you opt to buy a special set.  Plus, they’re magnetized, so you can stick em wherever there’s an applicable metal surface. 


  • Some ItCoinz are more exciting than others when it comes to the spinner in particular.
  • The game board, while it is much more resilient against creasing than we expected, does dent fairly easily.

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