iScream Mini Plush Review

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Editor's Review

Treat yourself to a sweet stuffed animal with iScream Plush! There are six super cute new mini plush characters to collect. 

Julie Jellyfish is a pink jellyfish with long and colorful tentacles made of different fabrics. She’s got a puffy gold crown on her head. Missy Melon is a watermelon with heart-shaped seeds and two floppy legs. Sprinkles the Cupcake is a cupcake with shimmery frosting, furry trim, and a textured cupcake wrapper. Colorful sprinkles are embroidered on top and on the cheeks, and Sprinkles has floppy arms and legs. Lily Lemon is a bright yellow lemon with floppy legs and pink embroidered cheeks. Football Buddy looks like a football. Its floppy legs are green-and-white-striped like a football field. And Astronaut Bear is a brown teddy bear dressed like an astronaut.

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All of these are really soft and fun to hug. With such a variety, kids and adults will have fun collecting their favorites or trying to collect them all. 


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